Mesh-Ups® - Plastic Supports for Remesh and Rebar

The Ideal Solution to Keep Remesh and Heat Cable off the Ground and in Proper Position within the Concrete Slab

Photo of Mesh-Up with intersecting remesh.

Durable plastic Mesh-up® supports provide an ideal solution for maintaining the integrity of remesh (and heat cable, if applicable) during concrete pours. The small supports are strong, flexible, all-plastic “chairs” with pre-engineered slots for the remesh and the heat cable to easily attach to the support where they intersect - without the need for ties. Mesh-ups provide an effective, secure attachment point for the remesh and heat cable so they won't shift during the stress of the concrete pour. Mesh-ups perform the vital function of keeping the remesh (and heat cable) from resting on the ground. Once subjected to the loads of a concrete pour, the Mesh-ups initially compress, but then they “rebound”, lifting the mesh to its approximate original position.

Features and Benefits of Mesh-ups Include:

Snaps easily and firmly to remesh where the wires intersect; preventing the Mesh-up from rotating, shifting or becoming displaced.

Lifts the mesh, cable and/or wire off the ground, keeping the mesh supported above the membrane before and during concrete pouring.

Unlike rigid support systems, the Mesh-up “flexes” or collapses during concrete pours before gradually restoring to its original shape. This reduces the stress placed on the wire mesh and helps prevent it from bending or being damaged, virtually eliminating sharp ends of wire mesh from puncturing the membrane to ensure consistent, top-quality concrete work.

Mesh-ups being used to support remesh in concrete pour.

The large base ring of the Mesh-up provides stability and maximum resistance to being depressed into soft sub-surfaces. This allows Mesh-ups to be effectively used on sand or soft fills.

Mesh-ups act as sturdy plastic springs that rebound after being compressed. This way workers can walk on the remesh during the installation and the plastic "chair" will slowly rebound to prevent the remesh (and heat cable if applicable) from resting on the ground. A heated concrete driveway after a storm.

The versatile Mesh-up is available in four sizes:*

●   1½-inch Mesh-up (recommended for 3 to 5-inch slabs)

●   2-inch Mesh-up (recommended for 3 to 5-inch slabs)*

●   3-inch Mesh-up (recommended for 4 to 6-inch slabs)*

●   4-inch Mesh-up (recommended for 6 to 8-inch slabs)*

(Designed to receive 6, 8 or 10-gauge wire.)

*(Additional Mesh-up chairs can accommodate 4 and 0-gauge remesh/wire.)

NOTE: Mesh-ups are also available in metric sizes. Please call 888.488.9276 for more information.

Though Mesh-ups can accommodate a variety of different types of remesh, cables and wires, the plastic supports are designed specifically to receive No. 6, No. 8 and No. 10 wire. For more information about installing radiant heat systems, contact a friendly Warmzone professional today at 888.488.9276. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and explain the many options that are available.